November 19, 2013

A Home For The Holidays - A Challenge and a Giveaway!

So there's this amazing woman whose blog I follow.

Her name is Jennifer.

She has a passion and a heart for the people of Haiti, the likes of which I've never seen before.  Except in a friend of mine from high school.

I must admit, for most of my life I've been of the mindset of "lets help our own country and people before we go giving all our money somewhere else".  I'm a little ashamed to say that.  I might have choked on those words a little for a long time yesterday.  Because my heart is growing.  Into the shape of a small Caribbean island country known as Haiti.

Yesterday Jennifer posted a challenge to her readers.  Please, go read it HERE.  Seriously.  Go.  Now.  Read.  Because I cannot do her post justice.  This is my favorite part:

Her name is Adeline. And she lives in Haiti, in a one-room house that is smaller than your bedroom.
And she’s my friend.
My sandaled feet have met her dirt floor. Under her tin roof, I’ve pasted on a fake smile, trying so hard not to look horrified at her tumbledown house — that house that she had cleaned up on account of a few of us girlfriends dropping by.
Adeline is one of us, wanting to make a good impression, and so she had swept her dirt floor before I came.
Read that again: She had swept her dirt floor.
I’ve held hands with Adeline, and I’ve prayed with her, with tears streaming down my cheeks, even though we can’t understand a word each other was saying.

Really? My heart is still aching.  There are no words.

To be able to bring a HOME to someone simply by purchasing an item on a website?  Who WOULDN'T want to be a part of that!!!

My challenge to you is this:  How far over the goal can we go?  Could it be possible that we could somehow, someway, provide TWO homes for the holidays?  THREE?  With God on our side, there is NO limit on what we could do!

And now, for the Giveaway! 

(I've never done a giveaway before, so I'm kinda having a little nerdy field day over here!)

I want to see this goal reached.  No. Not reached...EXCEEDED!!!  So, one lucky winner from my blog will receive a FREE item from the ViBella jewelry website (up to $35)!  You have from today (11-19-2013) until next Wednesday (11-27-2013) at midnight to enter!  It's easy!!!  No purchase is necessary, but if you do buy something, you get FIVE extra entries!  It's a win-win really!!!

Here are the ways you can enter:

1 entry for visiting the ViBella website.
1 entry for tweeting about the challenge and giveaway using the hashtag #HomeForTheHolidays.
1 entry for commenting on this post that you visited/tweeted/pinned, etc.
5 entries (count em, FIVE!) for making a purchase of ViBella Jewelry.  IMPORTANT: in the discount code section, be sure to type this: newhouse. That way your purchase will be credited toward Adeline's new home!    (To earn the 5 points, you do need to tell me which item you bought.  If you bought more than one item, you only need to tell me the name of one of the items.

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  1. Unbelievable. Oh you ... Just...

    No words. Tears here.

    ((Thank you. Truly.))

  2. This is totally awesome! Beautiful. Exceeded? Two homes? Three? My heart is pounding. Our God is able.

  3. Well, this is awesome! I love watching God lighting fires in the hearts of his daughters.

  4. Rebecca, ViBella Jewelry would like to extend our thanks to you and many others who are helping broadcast across the airwaves this crazy God-sized dream of Jennifer Lee's for the NEW HOUSE! We are excited and grateful to be able to be a part of God doing his work in Haiti. Please know that we are praying alongside you that Adilene will will receive her NEW HOUSE in a timely manner. Thank you again for your part in this great ministry! "Heavenly Father I ask for a special blessing and measure of grace bestowed and Rebecca and those like her who are doing their part in expanding the work of your kingdom here on earth. Holy Spirit we ask that you would work in the hearts of those who read these blogs that they might burn for those less fortunate than themselves. Help us to learn to love like you do Jesus and help us to do it better! We need you every day to remind us not only of how you have so blessed us, but even more so to remind how you LOVE your children everywhere. Bless these efforts in a super natural way! Amen and Amen.


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