January 21, 2010

ICLW ~ January 2010

Welcome fellow travelers!  Glad you stopped by for another week of bloggy love, also known as ICLW!  (If you're not sure what ICLW is, click that blue button over there on the right, the one with the cute little dog on it, it will explain it all!)  If this is your first visit, you can read a little of my history in the "about me" tab at the top, or scroll through the archives to get a feel for my little spot on the road. 

I hope you're all doing well.

As has become customary for ICLW week, the Q and A is open for business!  I am an open book, so if there's anything I've talked about you'd like to hear more about, or just want to know more about me in general...leave your question in the comments section and I will collect them and answer them in a later post.  :)

As for me, I've had kind of a bad anxiety day today.  Nothing major happened to trigger it, I've just had this odd feeling in the pit of my stomach and have been very on edge all day.  I'm sure I'll be fine, I just hate the muddled feeling I have when the anxiety sets in.  Hopefully a good night's sleep will fix me right up! 

Check back this weekend for new posts, there are a few interesting things going on around here that I'm excited to share. 

Have a great weekend and happy ICLW!


  1. I hope the anxiety subsides and you can get a good night's rest.


  2. Hope it went away and you are feeling better. Here from ICLW and know I'll be stopping back by soon.

  3. Happy ICLW!

    I hate that feeling. I get it sometimes, myself and it's just never fun. Luckilly, it passes.

    Have a great weekend! =)

  4. I am so sorry that you have been anxious. I have those days too and I know how much they suck!

    I hope the weekend is better for you!

    My question: If you could live in any time period in history...when would it be and why?

    Happy ICLW!

  5. I have a question:

    Who is your favorite Muppet & why?

  6. What is your favorite yarn to knit with? And, what is your favorite thing to knit?

  7. Hello my bloggy friend...

    I hope that the anxiety has lessened and you are able to enjoy your weekend.

    I wish I could say that I have a way cool creative and at the same time thought-provoking question for you, but my creativity has taken a vacation. So I will cop out and just ask for an interesting 911 call center story.

  8. Hi! Happy ICLW week, I'm glad I found a new blog to follow, looking forward to reading more about your journey and I do hope you feel a bit better. Love, Fran

    ICLW #90

  9. UGH those anxious days where you don't know why are the worst! A glass of wine and a few hours with a good book usually cure mine :-) Hope it goes away soon!

  10. I really like the reading goal that you mentioned in the previous post. I should try doing that!

    Happy ICLW week!

  11. I'm finally catching up on old posts...so sorry!

    Yay for finding a church home, boo on sickness, but yay on hubby taking care of you!

    Hoping you're feeling better today, and the anxiety has passed!

  12. ohh i had horrible anxiety today, kept calling hubs at work, just this horrible anxiety over me all day long, don't know why. I hope you feel better tomorrow ;)
    ICLW hugs!

  13. Hey Chica!! You know I love ya and follow you anyways, but I'm here for ICLW week today. Sorry about the anxiety... I've been getting that too. What gives? Mars in the house of Venus or something? Anyways, hope you get feeling better soon. HUGS!


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