September 13, 2014

A huge decision, and asking for help

June 9, 2014


My beloved Granny passed away Saturday, June 7th at 10:06 am.

I have so much I want and need to write in order to process this, but I am so emotionally and physically exhausted. 

Her funeral is tomorrow. 

I miss you my sweet Granny Goose. 

November 30, 2013

Bigger Than Ourselves: A #HomeForTheHolidays Update

Well friends, we did it!  We* officially raised enough money in the #HomeForTheHolidays challenge to buy Adeline a new home!  Jennifer gave Adeline the news in person yesterday...go read her blog post about sharing this wonderful news HERE.  Seriously.  The pictures alone are worth it!  :)

Doesn't that just give you chills?

How AMAZING is our God!!!!

Oh how I wish I could have been there, how I wish I could have embraced Adeline myself and assured her that no longer does her family have to live in a "melting house".

*By "we", I mean ALL of us.  I truly have no idea how many people came together to make this happen.  Jennifer had the idea, she challenged all of us...and "we" all came together, all of us, to make this dream a reality.  I don't think I've ever been a part of anything this BIG before.  I'm in awe of all of us.  I'm proud of all of us.  But mostly, I'm in awe of the God we all serve that made this possible.  He knew this would happen.  He knew we would exceed the goal of $5000 needed to build Adeline a new home.  He knew how the words of an Iowa woman would ring out across the globe in a single uniting call.  He knew how those words would light a spark that would light a flame that would refuse to be dimmed.  HE KNEW!

Thank you, Jennifer, for inspiring me.  Thank you for allowing me to become part of something bigger than I thought possible.  Thank you for helping me become part of something bigger than myself.


Before I sign off for today, thank you everyone for participating in my ViBella Jewelry Giveaway here.  The winner was Val!  Val, you should be receiving an email with instructions to "redeem" your prize!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

November 20, 2013

Home For The Holidays Update!

Friends, our God is an amazing God!  In just over 48 hours, we have raised almost $3000 towards the cost of Adeline's home!!!  If that's not a miracle, I don't know what is!

We have just $2000 to go until we have fully funded Adeline's home!!!  How exciting this is!  I cannot wait to see the joy on her face when Jennifer gives her the news that she is receiving a new home, one that is not literally falling down around her shoulders!

I know we can do this.  We can raise this money.  We can raise MORE money!  We can lift this dream right off the ground and into God's capable hands and watch it become reality before our very eyes.

Jennifer, your God-sized dream is coming true my friend.  It's coming TRUE!!!

Not sure exactly what I'm talking about?  Visit THIS POST for the details and don't forget to enter my giveaway!  One lucky blog-reader will win an item of ViBella Jewelry (up to $35) just for commenting, purchasing ViBella jewelry, or sharing the word about the fund raising efforts.

(*I am purchasing the raffle prize for the winner, ViBella is in no way sponsoring my giveaway and I am not receiving anything in compensation from them for doing this.  I just feel it is a way to get the word out and come on, who doesn't like WINNING a great prize?)

November 19, 2013

A Home For The Holidays - A Challenge and a Giveaway!

So there's this amazing woman whose blog I follow.

Her name is Jennifer.

She has a passion and a heart for the people of Haiti, the likes of which I've never seen before.  Except in a friend of mine from high school.

I must admit, for most of my life I've been of the mindset of "lets help our own country and people before we go giving all our money somewhere else".  I'm a little ashamed to say that.  I might have choked on those words a little for a long time yesterday.  Because my heart is growing.  Into the shape of a small Caribbean island country known as Haiti.

Yesterday Jennifer posted a challenge to her readers.  Please, go read it HERE.  Seriously.  Go.  Now.  Read.  Because I cannot do her post justice.  This is my favorite part:

Her name is Adeline. And she lives in Haiti, in a one-room house that is smaller than your bedroom.
And she’s my friend.
My sandaled feet have met her dirt floor. Under her tin roof, I’ve pasted on a fake smile, trying so hard not to look horrified at her tumbledown house — that house that she had cleaned up on account of a few of us girlfriends dropping by.
Adeline is one of us, wanting to make a good impression, and so she had swept her dirt floor before I came.
Read that again: She had swept her dirt floor.
I’ve held hands with Adeline, and I’ve prayed with her, with tears streaming down my cheeks, even though we can’t understand a word each other was saying.

Really? My heart is still aching.  There are no words.

To be able to bring a HOME to someone simply by purchasing an item on a website?  Who WOULDN'T want to be a part of that!!!

My challenge to you is this:  How far over the goal can we go?  Could it be possible that we could somehow, someway, provide TWO homes for the holidays?  THREE?  With God on our side, there is NO limit on what we could do!

And now, for the Giveaway! 

(I've never done a giveaway before, so I'm kinda having a little nerdy field day over here!)

I want to see this goal reached.  No. Not reached...EXCEEDED!!!  So, one lucky winner from my blog will receive a FREE item from the ViBella jewelry website (up to $35)!  You have from today (11-19-2013) until next Wednesday (11-27-2013) at midnight to enter!  It's easy!!!  No purchase is necessary, but if you do buy something, you get FIVE extra entries!  It's a win-win really!!!

Here are the ways you can enter:

1 entry for visiting the ViBella website.
1 entry for tweeting about the challenge and giveaway using the hashtag #HomeForTheHolidays.
1 entry for commenting on this post that you visited/tweeted/pinned, etc.
5 entries (count em, FIVE!) for making a purchase of ViBella Jewelry.  IMPORTANT: in the discount code section, be sure to type this: newhouse. That way your purchase will be credited toward Adeline's new home!    (To earn the 5 points, you do need to tell me which item you bought.  If you bought more than one item, you only need to tell me the name of one of the items.

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

November 8, 2013

The Crappy Day...

Today’s been a shitty day…literally.

I woke up early…three hours before the alarm to be exact.  At first I was a little peeved because it’s my weekend off, after getting up at 4:15 am all week, I wanted to sleep in.  Hubby had a doctor’s appointment (more on that later) and I was going to take him so I could also talk to the doctor about a couple of things as well.  We see the same doctor, so it makes it easy!  Well, 6 am came and my eyes popped open and there I was.  All awake and not a lick of “sleeping-in” was to be seen.  So I played around on my phone for a little bit, checking Facebook, Twitter, sending a few words in Words with Friends, played a bit of Candy Crush, you know the drill, until my bladder couldn’t hold out any longer and I HAD to get up out of my nice warm bed.  Hubby was sleeping nicely, so I decided to throw a load of laundry in and take advantage of a little quiet time before he got up.  So there I was, in the middle of my breathing treatment, when I hear hubby bounding down the hallway yelling “turn the washer off, turn the washer off, TURN THE WASHER OFF!!!”

Part of me wanted to look at him and say “I’m sorry, do I need to turn the washer OFF?”…however the look on his face made me think twice.

Apparently, the issues we’ve been having with our septic system were not resolved by the landlord having the tank pumped like he thought.  Apparently, the whole system was clogged to high Heaven and back, because the water from the washer draining caused the toilet AND bathtub in to back up.  And overflow.  Onto the bathroom floor.  And my pretty bathroom rug.  And my gorgeous shower curtain I love.  Not just any old water.  Sewage water.  Sew. Age.  Use your imagination…and it was probably worse
So…my day was spent between shopvac-ing the poop water off the bathroom floor, cleaning the crap out of everything (literally), and waiting for the landlord to come to fix the plumbing.  He finally got here and augured every drain in the apartment (including going onto the roof and snaking out the vent stack?).  The toilet works like a charm and the drains run faster than Forrest Gump going for a touchdown.  However.  Now my washer is FUBARED.  Apparently when I had to stop it in the middle of the spin cycle, it got a little pissed at me and now refuses to work.  We think the drive belt came off or something like that.  It makes all the appropriate noises (plus a really loud grinding one) but the tub goes nowhere.  And now I have a washer full of wet clothes and six more loads waiting because of course with this being my weekend off, it was laundry day.  Tomorrow morning it will be loaded up and transported to Mommy and Daddy’s house (thank God they only live 5 miles away!) so I can do all my laundry there.

Oh yeah, the doctor’s appointments.  Poor hubby came down with the gunk I had, and he was not improving even after two rounds of antibiotics and other over the counter remedies.  He started having some trouble breathing yesterday, being really short of breath and wheezy, so he called to get in to get looked at today. Our doctor took one listen to him and said “yep, lungs are full!”  He got a lovely little steroid shot and another round of a stronger antibiotic plus some good cough medicine to help him clear his lungs up. Crazy thing is our doctor is sick with it too!  She’s on her second round of antibiotics and still sounds and feels terrible!  Seriously, whatever precautions you need to take to avoid getting this respiratory shit this year, DO IT!  It’s bad bad juju!

While we were there I asked her about my recent asthma diagnosis and what we should plan on doing for it since I’m pretty much over the pneumonia/bronchitis/avian swine zombie flu.  It wasn’t really what I wanted to hear, but she’s the doctor.  She wants to just play it by ear and see how things go with just a rescue inhaler to keep on hand if I have symptoms of a flare up (wheezing, shortness of breath, excessive coughing).  I have the nebulizer and enough medication for six breathing treatments if I need them, but she wants to see how “serious” my asthma is without having to be on a daily medication.  She said if I find myself needing a breathing treatment more than twice a week or using the rescue inhaler more than twice a day to call her and we will then talk about what kind of daily maintenance drug (such as Advair or other inhaled anti-inflammatory/corticosteroid) we will use.  I guess that’s good…one less medication to have to be on, but it also kind of worries me.  I just wanted to know that she is taking it seriously.  I mean, she’s my doctor, she takes my conditions seriously, but well, I don’t know what I mean.  LOL

Well, I have a few more things I want to write about, but I think I’ll sign off for tonight and leave those for another post over the weekend.  We're supposed to go down to hubby's friend's house tomorrow evening for a "make up" bonfire (they had one two weeks ago that I had to miss because I was so sick), and then Sunday we'll be going to church, I'll be donating blood at a local blood drive, and prepping for the week ahead!  What's on deck for your weekend?  Anything fun?

Now, though, it's time for some knitting and Doctor Who!!!

November 5, 2013

Want some cheese with that "whine"?

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the just feels like that some days!

I'm fighting my way back from a hellacious bout of bronchitis and's been hanging on for almost three weeks now.  To say it's been "hard" or "exhausting" is an understatement.  I was out of work for almost two weeks (so long I ran out of sick sick time = no pay!  I was already over $400 short on my paycheck as it was from missing work so there was no way we could survive if I missed more).  I'm slowly...and I do mean slowly...recovering. I'm so exhausted, physically and emotionally, from all of this.  I'm used to getting knocked down by colds and flu, but I can usually overcome them pretty quick.  This has knocked me on my ass, backed up, ran over me, backed up again and parked it's nasty self directly in my lungs.  And on top of the sinus infection/bronchitis/pneumonia, my doctor diagnosed me with asthma as well.  She actually believes that is the underlying cause of why this hit me so hard.  She thinks I've probably had it for a while, a few years at least, but since I haven't ever really complained of any major symptoms (other than a lot of wheezing during exertion or when I'm sick), we never diagnosed it.  She's pretty sure that since my lungs are already compromised from the asthma, it was a perfect storm for this crap to attack me so hard.  I've done two rounds of antibiotics, two rounds of steroids (AKA crazyinabottle) more DayQuil and NyQuil than any person's liver and kidneys should have to metabolize in a lifetime, and was sent home with my own handy dandy little nebulizer for breathing treatments 4x a day.  It's been 19 days and I'm STILL worn out and have to be careful not to overdo it otherwise I end up wheezing and huffing and puffing like a crazy person.  I have I think 4 or 5 days left on the breathing treatments, then I'll meet with my doctor to set up a long-term plan for the asthma diagnosis. 

I've really tried hard not to complain while I've been sick, but it's been so hard.  I just want to feel better.  I want to BREATHE!  I want to be able to walk from the couch to the bathroom without having to take a hit off the inhaler because the exertion is causing my lungs to spasm.  I am so bone tired, and so very tired of BEING tired.  I live with chronic pain due to my back (which ironically hasn't hurt a lick since I've been on steroids!), but this is a totally different kind of incapacitated. I feel like people think I'm "milking" this illness...that I "should" be better by now.  So I feel guilty when I keep saying I'm still worn out, having trouble breathing, and generally still sick.  It has done NOTHING to help the anxiety and depression I deal with on a daily basis anyway.  I've had a few really bad days, sitting on the couch in tears because I'm so depressed that I just want to FEEL BETTER!!!  Don't get me wrong, there has been minor improvement.  I can finally breathe through my nose again.  I can wear my CPAP so I can sleep again. (I went about 4 or 5 days in the beginning when I didn't sleep at all because I had so much trouble breathing.  Those were fun days I tell ya.)  But I'm still just so damn worn out.  And I'm sick of being sick.  And my husband got sick too...of course.  So, you know who got to take care of him while I was still sick, which didn't make me feel any better at all!  
Hopefully within the next week or so this will all be a thing of the past and I can move on with getting the asthma under control and back on track to my FABULOUS BY FORTY plan and training for the Chance to Hope 5K...which sadly has gone nowhere lately.  :(  

That's about all for now...just a quick catch up and hello.  I'm hoping to get back in the swing of this blogging thing...I've missed it, but still sometimes feel it's kind of pointless because I really have nothing of interest to say.  

Hope whoever's reading is doing well!