October 7, 2010

Show & Tell: Answering A Call...

Welcome to Show and Tell.  I hope you'll play along and tell your friends all about it! It will be open on Thursday mornings and close at midnight Sunday night each week.  here's how you participate:

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A while back I wrote this post.  I wasn't ready at that time to discuss the amazing "God Moment" that I just had.  But, after a lot of work, a lot of prayer, and a lot of nail-biting "am I ready to put this out there what if someone makes fun of me" moments, I'm ready to unveil the labor of love I've been working on.

After some serious prayer and finally listening to what God was impressing upon my heart, I have launched a new website.  It is a message board forum for Christian women to support and encourage each other on our daily walks with God through prayer and sharing. 

The site is called "Let Me Sow Love: A Meeting Place for Christian Women" .   
I felt a strong calling to develop a prayer ministry for women, especially women facing infertility.  I feel this is something I'm supposed to do.  Several months ago I met some wonderful women through a web chat and formed an immediate bond and we started a prayer "email chain".  I have never felt a pull as strong to do something than when I began praying daily for these women.  I don't have many resources, I don't have a lot of time to donate as a volunteer, but what I do have is powerful.  I have a desire, and a capability to pray.  And that is what I'm offering.

The website isn't *only* for women facing infertility, but I want it to be a site where infertile women can feel comfortable.  There are a zillion "Christian Mommy" sites out there, and while that is awesome and totally serves a valid need and community, I feel there is a need for a space where the focus isn't so much on our titles or reproductive status.  This site will simply be a site for Christian WOMEN to meet, exchange ideas, encourage and support each other, receive encouragement and support, and learn more about God and faith journeys from other incredible Christian women.  While I understand the "mommy" factor is relevant, I didn't want that to become the focus of the site, nor do I want infertility to become the focus.  I want the focus to be prayer, women supporting and encouraging women, and most importantly GOD.  He is the reason the new forum exists.    
Feel free to take a look at my site...pass it along to anyone you feel might be interested. 

***And please be gentle...this is my heart out there!


  1. HI there - Visiting from LFCA. Have you seen the design work that Giggly Girl does? She helped me with my site and I LOVE it! You can find her at http://thisgigglygirl.blogspot.com/.
    Good Luck!

  2. What a great idea. I think it's so awesome!! I'm gonna head over and check it out.

    Thanks for showing and telling about it!

  3. Great idea! Going to check it out now :).

  4. I just checked it out and I love it! I will stop by again soon! You are doing a great thing!

  5. I haven't, but I will check her site out. Thank you, and thanks for visiting!!!

  6. Thank you my sweet Hobbity friend! Please feel free to join and hang out. :)

  7. Thank you! I can't wait til it gets some new members and action on the boards. I think it will be a good thing. At least I hope!


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