June 2, 2011

she returns...

I feel like I should be kneeling behind a dark screen in a confessional...

"Forgive me blogland, it's been a month since my last posting..."

It's not that I've meant to be away this long...it's just that, well...I don't know.  I've sat here at my laptop everyday for the past month, opened up a new post, and stared at the screen dumbfounded and empty-headed as if I had suddenly forgotten what the heck this contraption was.  It's not a good feeling.  I've felt so disconnected from everything and everyone.  I've tried to keep up with everyone's blogs, but sadly that has suffered too.  It's not been an intentional "blogging break" like I've taken before.  I've fully intended to write about what's been going on around here...just every time I do I go deaf, mute, and dumb.

So here's the last month in review:

~ I started making beaded bracelets and knitting stitch markers.
~ I opened an Etsy store for said jewelry (in the hopes of helping to fund our next cycle of fertility treatments or adoption, whichever comes first).  There's a sampling of my items up top under my header...take a peek and spread the word. 
~ I celebrated my SIX MONTH anniversary of quitting smoking!!!
~The hubby and I had our 7 year anniversary of our first date. Awwww.
~ My husband was accepted into Sanford Brown College (a private vocational school).  You might remember he's been monkeying around with a different college for four years now and we finally had enough of that (long story) and he applied and was accepted into their Polysomnography (sleep study technologist) program.  His classes begin August 8th.  We had to do some creative financing (read: borrow a shitload of money) but he's in.  In 50 weeks he should be done.  DONE.  Out.  In the JOB MARKET!!!  One more year of living paycheck to paycheck on one income...hopefully!  Keep us in your prayers please during this year!!!
~ Beginning next Wednesday my best friend and I, along with a group of several other women will begin a Bible in 90 Days program.  We will be reading through the ENTIRE Bible in...you guessed it...90 days!  She participated in this program last year and said it was awesome.  I've struggled through reading the Bible this past year, and I'm still only in Isaiah.  I'm hoping this will be a positive experience for me to truly delve into God's Word with a group of other faithful women.  It should be interesting!


That's about it.  Kinda boring, huh?

I hope to have something more to say soon...



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  1. Good to see a post from you pop up in my Reader. I've been busy at work & home lately, & time for blog reading, writing & commenting has gone out of the window. :( I'm hoping to remedy that soon!


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