July 17, 2011


Have I lost all my followers?

What a sad day...


  1. Well you have at least one. I am a horrible commenter, but I follow consistently.

  2. Nope...I am still here, just haven't been commenting much.

  3. I'm reading! Having a hard time commenting from my phone, though, and I generally forget to comment once I get on the 'puter...

  4. I'm not an official follower (of anyone, not just you!), but I notice mine have come & gone from my page. I've been having all kinds of issues with Blogger for the past few months. People keep telling me to switch to WordPress, but I'm too damned lazy to figure out what that all would entail. ; )

    I've also been on vacation & have more than 1,000 posts in my Google Reader. :p Sloooowwwwlllyyyyy catching back up again...!


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