October 24, 2011

Update and prayer request

Hello readers.  I am sorry for being MIA for so long again.  Time and life get away from me and I never seem to be able to find the time to blog anymore.  I do read your blogs, mostly from my iPhone, and commenting is a pain from that.  Please know I'm still following you and your journeys, and sending you support when you need it. 

But, today I'm here to ask for the support. 

I had a consultation today with a very prominent fertility specialist here in St. Louis today.  The consultation itself was fine, he is wonderful, and I feel it's a good fit for me there.  However there were several things that I was told that concern me.

First of all, during the exam he found "at least one" polyp in my uterus.  He can't tell if there are more because my lining was almost double the thickness it should be.  The maximum they like it to be is between 12-14mm.  Mine is almost 20mm.  So, I have to have a D&C to remove the lining and polyp(s).  It could be as soon as next Wednesday.  They only do the surgery on Wednesdays.  I should hear something in the next couple of days.

Second of all, he wants me to have weight loss surgery.  He said given my age, history, previous treatments and other personal factors, he believes IVF is our only option for children.  And that at my weight I'm not a candidate.  He usually gives weight loss drugs first, but I can't take them due to a previous adverse reaction.  So he recommends weight loss surgery.  Soon. 

He is also running a LOT of bloodwork.  PCOS, thyroid, ovarian reserve, recurrent pregnancy loss, and a bunch more. 

Yes, I said recurrent pregnancy loss. 

Given the previous fertility treatments we did, and my family history of infertility and pregnancy loss, he believes I might have actually had at least one very early miscarriage and not known it.  So he wants me tested for the RPL panel. 

I'm pretty numb right now. 

I'm scared.  Of the surgeries, and of everything else.

All I can do is leave it in God's hands and pray...and ask you to do the same for me. 

I'll update when I can.




  1. WOW! That is really a lot to take in all at once. Praying for you as you process this information and wait to hear about the surgery. If you need a referral to a bariatric surgeon there is a really good one that my hubby was given a referral to see. He is supposed to be one of the best in STL and I can get that info for you if you want it.

    Please keep us updated!


    PS: I am going to have to find a new RE and am leaning towards one (Simckes) but have seen Ahlring and liked him as well. Would you mind letting me know who you are seeing and if you like them or not? You can email me if you prefer. I loved my previous RE but he retired and I hate starting over!

  2. I can see how all of this info at once would be... upsetting, to say the least. It's hard to take that first step, but kudos to you for doing it. I've got a feeling that you're much braver than you may think. And you're right, God's got you (and all of this) in His hands. And you've definitely got my prayers, friend.

  3. Oh Sweetie you have so much going on. Sending you lots of support and prayers.

  4. So much to take in at once, it's no wonder you're feeling overwhelmed.

    Praying for you to know the path or paths to take...


  5. Thinking of you, Rebecca. (((hugs)))

  6. Having the D&C will likely cause you to feel so much better. Those polyps are a pain, literally, to deal with! For me, that was probably the easiest and most immediately rewarding procedure that I ever needed to have.

    I'll be praying for you regarding all of the decisions you face. If I can do anything else, don't hesitate to message me.


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