June 26, 2012

Try It Out Tuesday - Weight Loss Edition

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Well, I am kind of taking the lazy way out for TioT this week.  I worked all weekend, and yesterday was not feeling well at all, and I just didn't feel up to trying a new recipe/craft/project from Pinterest.  

However, I am going to put a little spin on it this week so I don't feel like a COMPLETE failure and post something that has helped me stay on track the last week with my diet.  That way, my readers can still Try It Out...if they want.  

The first tool that has helped me stay on track and lose 13 pounds so far is SparkPeople.com .  Their informative website, mobile food/activity/weight tracker app, and support forums have been invaluable to me!  Check 'em out!

The second is a little concoction I came up with (and yes, I know it's by no stretch of the imagination original) for breakfast.  Especially when I work, I have a hard time finding good breakfasts (good as in tasty and good as in good for me) that will actually fill me up and keep me going.  As I was standing in front of the fridge the other day, I thought hmmmm.  Really, I did.  Hmmmm.  What am I going to take for breakfast?  (I work 6am to 6pm when I'm on dayshift, so getting up any earlier than I already do just to eat breakfast is not an option...I laugh at the thought!)  It was nearing payday, so the cupboards were getting a little lean, if you know what I mean!  I had eggs.  Cheese.  Frozen sausage patties.  And frozen Ore-Ida Potatoes OBrien.  Sounds like a meal to me!  Throw 'em all in a bowl you say?  Why yes!  

Easy-Peasy Breakfast Bowl
1 frozen sausage patty (I use the Wal-Mart brand)
3/4 cup frozen cubed hash brown potatoes
1 egg
1 slice American cheese

I put the sausage in the bottom, then hash browns.  I kept the egg and cheese separate until I cooked it...otherwise the sausage and potatoes won't be done and the egg will be rubber!  I microwaved the sausage and potatoes for about 1 min 30 sec, then tore up the cheese in small pieces and cracked the egg over the whole shebang.  Cook for however long it takes to get the egg done and the cheese nice and melty.  You can use whatever you prefer or whatever you have on hand to customize your bowl.  And yes, I know this is not an original idea AT. ALL.  But, it works.  =)

There you have it.  My miracle breakfast.  And honestly, it's not all that many calories when you consider it in the grand scheme of the entire day's allowance of calories.  I think this one was around 400 calories?  And tons of filling protein.  I could have made it a little lower in fat if I used turkey sausage, but I had pork sausage patties in the freezer and will continue to use them until they're gone. 

And, before I forget...one of my favorite bloggers has an awesome guest post at Ann Voskamp's blog today.  Head over to her place to read a beautiful post about feeling inadequate from Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus!  

And two questions of the day:
What's your go-to breakfast when you're on the go or trying to cut calories?
How often do you feel inadequate, not enough, less than?  How do you get through those times?


  1. Great idea! I would not have thought about putting it all together like that.

    My go-to breakfast is usually a piece of homemade bread (baked over the weekend, of course) and a big glass of milk. (no, it's not all that filling, so I have to chase it with fruit and a string cheese about 2 hours later!)

    I saw Ann's blog this morning. I LOVED the guest post. Everyone should click over to A Holy Experience to read it!

  2. Wasn't it wonderful? I just adore her writing.


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