July 3, 2012

Try It Out Tuesday - Motivation-In-A-Jar

Well, I'm a little late posting my TioT today, but I have good reason. I had my sleep study last night (more on that later) and I've been at work the rest of the day. But, it's still technically Tuesday, so I'm good!

I decided to break from what has come to be my modus operandi as of late and NOT post a recipe or something food related! I know. Big surprise.

Today's TioT IS weight-loss related, since that is kind of in the forefront of my mind and life right now.

I don't have a great track record with "stick-to-it-ive-ness" on the weight loss front. I start off great. I'm all gung-ho, stocking the fridge and pantry with healthy food, tracking my meals and water consumption, faithfully exercising (to the extent that I can anyway)...for about two weeks. Then something happens, I stumble and slide, then the wheels fall off my wagon completely and before I know it I'm a hot mess again.

I promised myself this time, that this would be THE time.  I lose motivation so quickly though.  Part of the problem is, I have such a large amount of weight to lose, it seems overwhelming and an insurmountable task.  I know, I know, don't look at the big picture, don't focus on how far I have to go look at how far I've come, break it down into manageable goals...yes, I know.  And I do that.  But, there are times when I sit back and look at the number on the scale and just want to cry because there is SO. FAR. TO. GO.  It takes a long time for me to tell a difference in my body or how my clothes fit because I'm so large that even 15 pounds doesn't really change me physically that much.  15 pounds on a 130 pound person, you can see a definite difference.  Not so much on me.  I've been looking for some kind of a visual reminder that I AM succeeding.  That I AM losing weight.  That this is NOT all for naught.  Charts and graphs are ok...but don't really motivate me personally.

So.  I came across a few pins on Pinterest that were "Pounds to Lose" and "Pounds Lost" jars.  Most of them were all cutely decorated, some were very plain.  When I saw it, I thought it would be a perfect tool to help keep me motivated when I got caught in the maelstrom of self-sabotaging chatter in my head.

You can find one of the original pins HERE.  I call mine...


Materials needed:    2 jars, bottles, vases, containers of any sort (works best if see through!)
                              Glass beads, marbles, rocks, pennies, buttons...anything you want to use as counters.
                               Labels for jars
Optional:  Fancy fabrics/ribbons/stickers for decorating

You really can make these as simple or elaborate as you like.  

Mine are re-purposed jelly jars with glass beads (re-purposed from my Etsy shop bracelet making stash!), labeled with a plain white sticker and Sharpie.  No one said this had to be fancy!  

To use, simply count out how many beads to match how many pounds you have/want to lose.  Put those in the "Pounds to Lose" jar.  (um, duh.)  When you weigh in, you get to transfer the number of pounds lost/beads to the "Pounds Lost" jar.  However...it also works the other way too.  If you gain, you have to put them back in the "Pounds to Lose" jar.  When you get discouraged, glance at your jars and see how far you've come!  

Simple jelly jars and glass beads

Nothing fancy here! Just FIFTEEN beads already in the "LOST" jar!!!

And there you have it.  Motivation in a jar.  Neat, huh?

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  1. Oh my gosh! I love this idea! I'll have to wait until after Christmas to work on losing, but I think this will be a great motivator!!!!

  2. I love the jar! What a fantastic idea and a great way to visualize your success :).


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