November 6, 2012

A Plea For Help

I usually don't use my blog in this manner, but I feel compelled to do so this time.

Many of you remember me posting about my friend from high school that was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  We heard that it was not as bad as they originally thought, right?

Well, that is wrong.  Turns out it is much WORSE than originally thought.

My friend is the sweetest person you'd ever dream of meeting.  She is just one of those genuinely NICE people...and it breaks my heart to know she's going through this.  She has already cut off her gorgeous long hair in preparation for the inevitable hair loss from chemo and donated it to Locks of Love.  

Friday will be her first chemotherapy treatment.  Due to the type of cancer she has (a particularly nasty aggressive high-chance-of-recurring-high-mortality-rate type), she will be undergoing extremely aggressive chemo, and then aggressive radiation following that.  She is a school music teacher and runs a small music studio with her husband, and she has been informed that she has to quit working during chemo because of immunodeficiency.  So, in addition to dealing with the emotional and physical ramifications of cancer, chemo and radiation, Mouse and her husband also have to deal with the loss of half of their income during this time. Add to this the medical bills that are already starting to pile up, and just sucks.  I heard that her husband was looking into selling their home in order to make ends meet.

A friend of theirs has set up a donation website (which I'm glad they did because I was going to organize one if someone didn't soon) to help Mouse and her husband with the staggering medical bills and daily living expenses so they can focus on her health.  Click HERE to help. Even a gift of $5 helps.

If you feel moved to do so, please donate.  If you do not, or cannot, I understand.  Something as simple as saying prayers for them is a huge support.

Thank you!


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    1. Goodness, I didn't even see this until now. Thank you so much for your prayers Jennifer! She is still pretty much status quo for now. The chemo is terrible on her, she has been violently ill and weak since the first treatment. I'll post more when I have more info. Thank you again. <3


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