October 15, 2010

My moment of happy for the day...


  1. LOL... I had JUST gotten mine back down to zero... took almost a month after getting back from my vacation in August... & then we went on vacation again in mid-September. I only just got it back down below 1000 posts (& clicked on a lot of "mark all reads" to do it...!). SIGH!

  2. Hey! I like the new look. (Besides, blogger isn't SO terrible!) ;)

    I'll be posting later, so I'll probably mess up your "0 Posts" thing. I don't think I've ever done that.

    The only request I have is that you need to make a button for your prayer forum & make the html available for others. I want to post about it on my blog, and I'd like to encourage others to pick up the button. I also want to park the button in my sidebar permanently.

    Love you!


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