October 10, 2010

Why Saturday needs a spanking...

So...yeah.  Yesterday blew. 

Not the whole day.

Just the part from 6pm on.

I worked yesterday, (I work 12 hour shifts and am on days, so that meant 6am to 6pm).

I went to leave, and got halfway down the mammoth hill we have at my work, and noticed a huge rock in the middle of the road.  I swerved to miss said rock, and instead wound up hitting it head on with my right front tire. 


You guessed it.

Said tire blew instantly.

After a few colorful expletives (after which I had to ask for forgiveness as I'm trying very hard to not do that anymore), I finally got the car down to the flat part of the road and got out to check the car. 

Yep.  Tire was flatter than a pancake.

After a few more colorful expletives I set to the task of hauling the spare, jack and tire iron out of the trunk.  We live about 20 miles from my work, so I didn't want Matt to have to come help me change the tire if I could at all avoid it.  And, let's face it, I'm stubborn.  I can change a dang tire.

Well, apparently the jack hadn't been used since Jesus was in diapers, because the dang thing was a pain in my ample backside to get started.  I called up to my work and asked the supervisor to call one of the tow companies we work with (I'm a dispatcher for 9-1-1...the job does have it's benefits!) to see if they could come help me. 

And I started crying. 

Which I hate.

When I get frustrated I cry.  Can't help it.  It's how I'm made.

So...I decided to prove to myself and everyone else that yes, I could indeed change the stupid tire myself.

About a half an hour and several bucketloads of sweat later, hands blackened from brake dust, grease and dirt from the jack, I had the spare tire on. 

I called my work back and told them to cancel the tow truck, that I had the tire on and would be on my way.

I threw the blown tire, jack, and tire iron back into the trunk and get in the car to head home. 

What's that?

What happened then, you say?

I drove 50 feet and the DAMN SPARE TIRE WENT FLAT TOO!!!

I give up at this point, call Matt and break down.  He turns off dinner (he was making homemade spaghetti for me), loads my stepson up, and comes galloping up on his noble white steed, sword drawn, ready to slay the dragon that is my tire dilemma. 

Ok, so he drove up in his black 4 door with his phone in hand making sure he didn't miss the turn to my work.  But you get the picture. 

Since we have the same make and model of car, we took the crap spare off, put his good spare on my car, loaded back up again and headed home.

At 8:30 I walked in the door.  2 hours and 30 minutes AFTER I got off work. 

Thank GOD Sunday behaved a million times better than Saturday did.  :)

Two tires blown in one day:  2.5 hours time lost.

Unplanned dinner out for 2 adults and 1 child:  $20.39.

Having a husband that will drop everything at your beck and call to come rescue you:  PRICELESS!


  1. Aww, what a great husband! Sorry about the blowout :(. That really...well, BLOWS! What a crappy way to end an already long and tiring day. Glad Sunday treated you okay, though :).

  2. whoa... it sounds like my satuday morning packed up and found you in the evening. I'm sorry it was such a crap day.

  3. Aw... I hate that you had such a crappy experience, but I have to tell you that I love how you write about it. Especially the part about your hubby & his four-door.

    You're so funny! Love you!


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