December 21, 2010

Answered Prayers

Today is definitely a day for thanksgiving. 

Join me in thanking God for answering our prayers regarding Matt's pending surgery.

We had an appointment with his hematologist today, and he told us that he does not think his condition warrants the splenectomy at this time!!!

Yes, his circulating levels of platelets are very low.'s a "false low" according to the hematologist because his spleen is hoarding the remaining platelets.  He has no symptoms that they would normally look for when preparing a patient for a splenectomy.  He doesn't have spontaneous bleeding (internal, from any bodily orifice, gums, etc).  He hasn't had an inordinate number of infections that he hasn't been able to fight off.  (Of course, it takes him longer than usual to fight colds/flu because of being diabetic and having the blood issue, but nothing out of the ordinary.)  He hasn't lost a significant amount of weight, he hasn't developed intolerable pain in the splenic region.

For now, we are status quo. 

He will continue to be monitored closely by his regular physician and hematologist, with blood tests every month and CT scans every six months to monitor the levels and spleen size.  Any significant changes and they will proceed with surgery. 

But for now, THANK GOD, he does not have to have surgery!!!

Thank you to everyone who has kept us in your thoughts and prayers.  Your support and friendship means the world to me!!!


  1. What wonderful news! I'm so happy your hubby can avoid the surgery!

  2. I'm so happy he doesn't have to have the surgery. You two can enjoy your holiday without that looming in the near future. What a blessing.

  3. So glad you got this good news... and just in time for Christmas too! Fingers crossed that his health continues.


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