March 24, 2011

Finished Scarf, WIP socks

Last night I finished my latest knitting project, a scarf for my stepson's bio-mom.  I know, you're asking yourself "Really?".  Yep.  My stepson's bio-mom knows I'm a knitter, so she asked me if I would be willing to make her a scarf if she provided the yarn.  I said sure, and set off to tackle the Lion Brand Homespun once again.  I have to admit, it makes lovely scarves, but it drives me crazy to knit with because it constantly sheds these tiny little wispies of fiber that of course float right to my nose and eyelashes and bug the beejeezus out of me!  So, you could say I'm glad to be done with this yarn for a while!  I do believe it turned out very nice though. 
I call it "The Other Mother Scarf"
It looks smaller in the picture,
but that's
SIX FEET of warm scarfy goodness right there!
I totally didn't mind making the scarf (partly because I got to keep the leftover yarn -can you say stash?-, AND she gave me a Joann's gift card for doing it...bonus!) but I felt a little antsy toward the last two feet of it.  See, this year was supposed to be the year of knitting FOR ME...projects that I wanted to do for MYSELF.  Of all the knitting I've done over the 6 years I've been knitting, I've only made myself 3 pair of socks, one scarf, and 3 knitted bags (along with a few dishrags here and there).  So far this year I've made a hat for my husband, a scarf for my mom, and a scarf for my stepson's bio-mom.  All while I've been sneaking a row or two at a time on my Twilight Socks.

Well, no more sneaking around.  Now that I'm done with everyone else's gifts and projects, it's time to turn the knitting focus on my beautiful sockies! 

Twilight Socks
I'd love to chat more, and trust me, I do have more to say, but for right now, there is some delicious merino wool calling my name from the living room!



  1. Beautiful! I wish I had stuck with knitting when I learned years ago (I ended up learning to crochet and dropped the knitting) - I'd be making myself some wool diaper soakers right now!
    Maybe I can learn in a hurry? Haha, probably not, knowing me...

  2. You do such beautiful work! How rewarding this hobby must be. Well done!

  3. That scarf is beautiful!!! Homespun makes a nice project, but I agree, it is not always fun to knit up.

    Love those socks. What pattern do you use? I just cat on my very first pair of socks the other day.

    PS - I love the look of your blog! : )


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