January 14, 2012

2012 Reading Challenge

It's time again to sign up for Kristin's annual Book Challenge! In an effort to encourage people to broaden their literary horizons and get us reading more, Kristin has been hosting the Book Challenges for a few years now. Now, if you know anything about me, you will know this is right up my proverbial alley. =)

I love to read. I love books. I've loved reading and books since I learned to read at the age of 3.

However...for the past two years, I have miserably missed my mark on the reading challenges. This is tragic for such a bibliophile as myself.

For 2011, I challenged myself to read 24 books. Sounds easy enough, right? Just two books a month.

Sadly I only read 13 books.


In my defense...

One of them was the Bible.

The WHOLE Bible.

In 90-ish days.

So, I'm satisfied with my reading, even though I "officially" didn't reach my challenge goal, that was a huge personal goal met.

These are the books I read in 2011:

The Holy Bible
I Would If I Could - Betty Miles
Ice Cold - (Rizzoli & Isles) Tess Gerritsen
Love Letters From Ladybug Farm - Donna Ball
At Home On Ladybug Farm - Donna Ball
A Year On Ladybug Farm - Donna Ball
The Help - Kathryn Stockett
The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins
Change of Heart - Jodi Picoult
The Shortest Distance Between Two Women - Kris Radish
The Keepsake - Tess Gerritson (Rizzoli & Isles) (Feb '11)
The Mephisto Club - Tess Gerritson (Rizzoli & Isles) (Jan/Feb '11)
The Bone Garden - Tess Gerritson (Rizzoli & Isles) (Jan '11)

If you'd like to take part in Kristin's 2012 Reading Challenge, head over to her blog, Dragondreamer's Lair to find out more and sign up for the 2012 Book Challenge!

Happy Reading!!!


  1. I'd love to join you on this journey -- I'm going to check it out right now!

  2. I always love seeing your reading list! Just posted mine from last year as well. Looks like we read a couple of the same books.

    Happy reading in 2012! My list is already quite long. Hoping I'll get to at least half of them! :)


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