November 7, 2010

NaBloPoMo Day 7 - Places I have lived

In lieu of a long insightful post tonight, I'm going to fall back on some writing prompts I found while scouring the Internet looking for topics to post about during this 30 days of blogging.

Tonight's post is 10 Places I Have Lived:

(Although I'm not sure I've lived 10 places...but here goes)

  • My parent's house in High Ridge.
  • My parent's second house in High Ridge where we moved when I was 8 and where my parents still reside.
  • An apartment in Fenton with a friend from high school (didn't last long, we kind of had a falling out).
  • My parent's house, High Ridge.
  • An apartment in the Tower Grove neighborhood in St. Louis City.
  • An apartment in Hillsboro.
  • My parent's home in High Ridge.
  • The little house I bought in Festus (which, sadly we lost recently).
  • The apartment I now live in with my husband in Festus.

Well, that's only 9 (technically only 6, but I counted all the times I've moved...), but who's counting! How many different places have you lived?

Hopefully tomorrow's and future posts will be more exciting and profound...I'm worn out from working a lot of overtime this weekend and getting our hineys kicked at work. (So tired in fact I originally titled this post NaBloPoMo Day 6...sheesh!)

I'm off to dreamland!

Have a good night!

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