March 19, 2011

Dyed in the wool

What happens when you mix several women obsessed with yarn and knitting, some packages of Kool-Aid, some acid dyes, turkey basters, many hanks of wool and a few pots of hot water?

A whole lot of fun at a yarn dyeing party, that's what!!!

A few weeks ago my best friend had some of the women from our knitting group over and taught us how to dye our own yarn.  I was fascinated by the entire process. 

Here's a sampling of pictures from the evening.

Preparing the bare wool for dyeing

Vinegar soak for kool-aid dyeing

My first attempt at "hand-painting" with kool-aid dyes

My best friend Kelly demonstrating the acid dye method
(isn't she cute!  I. Love. Her.!)

Rinsing and cooling the acid-dyed yarn
My very own creation!
Worsted weight superwash merino
Acid dyed

Another of my creations!
Merino Wool fingering weight
(sock yarn)
Kool-aid dyed

*The yarn is actually a bit darker than the pictures show, I have horrible lighting!
**Many thanks to my bestie for making those adorable ball-bands for my hand-dyed yarn!!!  I love them!!!
***We all got to name our colorways we created that evening.  Mine obviously are Sweet Peach Tea (because when I mixed the dye it looked just like peach flavored iced tea) and Mardi Gras (I didn't have yellow, otherwise it would have been official Mardi Gras colors, but I think it works well anyway!). 

We all had such a wonderful time at the party.  Not only was it an evening of learning something new about a shared hobby, we learned a lot of new things about each other.  It was an evening of friendship and fellowship, of laughter and conversation, an evening of six women drawing closer together.  I like to imagine the yarn we dyed serving as a heartstring, connecting each one of us to the other, through another, in an invisible weaving of interconnectedness.  A tapestry woven not by hands, but by words, by affection, by the knowledge of each other.  In this knowledge I am blessed.

And I thank God daily for the blessings of friendship He has bestowed.  I am truly rich in what matters most.


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