August 1, 2012

Try It Out Tuesday - Orange Marmalade (IS apparently harder than it looks!)

I decided on trying my hand at orange marmalade this week to use up a gigantic bag of oranges we had in the fridge (which apparently no one was going to eat).

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I chose this recipe simply because it looked easy, fool-proof and didn't use pectin (I don't keep that on hand and didn't want to buy any).  This particular site gave wonderful step by step directions and photos.  The original recipe it links to is here.

I peeled the oranges, slivered the peel, cut up the oranges and plopped them all into my trusty stock pot.

I added water and sugar in the amounts called for and set it to boiling. I am damn sure think this is where I went wrong.

When I looked back over the recipe (I read it a dozen times before I started, one would think I'd get it right!) says to boil the oranges and peel for at least an hour until soft...THEN add the sugar.  It should only take about an hour to hour and a half to obtain marmalade-y texture and consistency.

Yeah, right. 

I boiled and boiled and boiled my mixture. 

And boiled some more.

When it hit the three hour mark with no signs of the slightest inclination of jelling...I called it a draw. 

I now have a stock pot full of orange vanilla sludge.  It smells wonderful, it even tastes pretty good.  However, it is no where NEAR marmalade.

Modifications: I added about a tsp of vanilla. It smelled delicious and gave it an interesting flavor.

Fail Factors: The entire project was a total and utter fail. But I believe that is all my fault as I didn't wait to add the sugar.

For The Win: The recipe really is simple. (And successful if done right, I assume).

Will I attempt this recipe again? Yes, simply because I will NOT BE DEFEATED!!! LOL

Have you made homemade jams or jellies?  With or without pectin? How have yours turned out? Any tips for the novice?

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  1. oh my... I had a pinterest fail recently too. A coffeecake that didn't work out at all. Hope it works for you the next time you try it out.

    And btw... I'm so glad you commented on my blog. I had lost track of you somewhere along the way. I hope you continue to stop by from time to time. :)


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